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Supports FAQ

Can I pay with Paypal?

Paypal does NOT offer buyer protection for digital goods purchases, therefore we do not offer it. We offer Visa and Mastercard

Are your prices ‘final’.

Yes - as long as your handset is not lost/stolen and requiring a Premium service, there are no hidden fees. The total price is given once you enter your IMEI.

How long does AT&T Premium take?

AT&T Premium takes around 2 days (slightly longer for weekend processing).

How long will my iCloud unlock take?

iClouds take at least 3 working days. So if you buy on a Friday, please allow until Tuesday for it to be unlocked. You can check the status on your tracking page. Please do not email us asking how long your unlock will take.

I want to cancel my order

Orders cannot be cancelled until 30 days has elapsed and the unlock is yet to be delivered, as we pay for our unlocks up front from the suppliers.