Get SIM Unlock code for LG phone

All we need to unlock your LG phone is the IMEI number!
If you don't know what IMEI is, please click Here
Dialing *#06# to get your IMEI
Enter your IMEI number to the left input field. If the IMEI number is valid, this block will show you a green message
1-24 hours
Factory unlock LG phone by Code -

Best service to get LG phone unlock code

When you buy a new phone, it comes in a locked format. This simply means that you will not be able to change the carrier or the SIM card on your own. Sometimes this locked devices becomes a pain in the head. These situation arises when you need to save your roaming expenses while you travel abroad. Or when you feel that your carrier is not giving you the services you paid for. You feel like moving to a new carrier, but again your locked LG device won't accept the new SIM card. We at have the perfect solution for all of your guys. We deliver unlock codes for your LG devices so that you can enjoy your phone without any restriction.

LG Unlock Code

We need the IMEI number of your device so that we can get the IMEI numbers generated from the LG servers. Here's a pretty simple way to work around for getting the IMEI number of your LG phone:

  1. Look for the original packaging of your LG phone. The IMEI number are displayed there in a bar code format.
  2. Turn your phone OFF and carefully remove the battery cover, then look for the IMEI numbers under the back cover. Sometimes when the battery is user replaceable, then these numbers are also located under the battery also.
  3. You can also dial *#06# from your LG phone's dial pad. This will display the IMEI information of your device on the screen.
  4. You can also find the IMEI code of your LG phone via going to the settings menu and about phone information.

Enter the IMEI number on when asked and then you'll be taken to the next step that will ask you for your email address and payment information. We accept payment via PayPal. It is fast, safe and secure.

  1. After the payment has been made you'll receive your unlock code within 24 hour time. Then you just need to feed in the obtained code in your phone to unlock it. Here's how you can do it:
  2. Simply turn your phone off and then carefully remove the SIM card.
  3. Now insert the new SIM card into the SIM slot of your device.
  4. Turn the phone ON and you'll be then asked for the unlock code for your LG device so that you can use the new SIM card. Until then your phone will not accept the new SIM card.
  5. Just enter the unlock code provided by and hit okay.
  6. Congratulations! Your phone has been unlocked now.

Benefits of getting your LG phone unlocked from us?

  1. The unlock code that we will deliver you makes your device permanently in unlocked state as the code is 100% genuine because we've extracted it from the LG servers.
  2. You can now be able to enjoy the benefits of other carries by slashing down the roaming charges up to a great extent.
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